I’m sure all of you ladies love to collect branded handbags and shoes. Who wouldn’t, especially if they bear the insignia of prestigious fashion houses like Coach, Nine West, Vera Bradley, Tory Burch and Steve Madden, among others.

But if you’re like an average working girl and Mom like me, these stuffs are a luxury! They are way overpriced in our malls.

The only way I can afford to buy these items is if:

1. I max out my credit cards;

2. Save my lunch money and starve myself for a month;

3. Scrap baby diapers and formula from the grocery list and use the money saved to indulge myself. Make my kids wear banana leaf as nappies and feed them rice water instead or;

4. Make grave threats to my husband to buy me one.

With Keestine Avenue, however, I don’t have to resort to the extreme moves stated above.

Kim Avena, owner of online store Keestine Avenue, will help you own your dream signature bag or shoes without sending you to the poorhouse. That’s because she scours the retail shops in California and New York for the best deals. She has an eye for the latest trends and style; she doesn’t buy things she won’t use herself.  But of course, she makes sure that the price of the items are within the budget of her target market – stylish ladies who want value-for-money investments.

She also doesn’t charge miscellaneous fees like shipping charges that’s why there is a sizable discrepancy as compared to prices of similar items sold in malls.

All you have to do is check out her Facebook page www.facebook.com/pickeesh, select any item from her albums, pay the amount to the nearest bank (and whatever payment scheme agreed upon) and pick up your purchase from her local partner/distributor in Manila.

Check her page right now and treat yourself to a Christmas present Mommies. Because you deserve it.

By the way, when something in that page catches your fancy, I advise that you SWIFTLY snap up that item because the movement of Keestine Avenue’s merchandise is really, really fast. As in agawan talaga.

To know more about Keestine Avenue, read:

One of the lovely Etienne Aigner multi-purpose hand bags that was immediately snapped up by a customer.

XOXO Duffel Bag


About Ira Martin

They say women marry men who look like their dad. Or at least, similar in attitude and values. My father is a (retired) professional banker who's very family-oriented. So is my husband.

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  1. SIEGY says:

    so lucky me… i was able to purchase a 2 lovely bags from KEESTINE AVE…. THE VERA BRADLEY AND ETIENNE AIGNER… PROUD COSTUMER OF KEESTINE AVE !!!

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