To celebrate his 3nth birthday,  my husband and I had dinner at Uncle Cheffy’s in Eastwood. It’s a casual dining restaurant perfect for dates and meet-ups with friends and relatives.

The prices are not cheap but considering the portions, which are huge, they’re very sulit.

Memphis Barbecue U.S. Beef Rib Finger

We tried out their Memphis Barbecue U.S. Beef Rib Finger (Php595.00) which consists of 1 kilo ribs, salad, marble potato and sauces. I was a bit disappointed at the portion of the side dishes – just a few marble potatoes and the salad, just a couple of lettuce leaves. The sauces, on the other hand, were great accompaniment. They effectively remove the “umay” taste one might get from pork meat with fats overload. I especially liked the one that looks like pesto with a hint of citrus. Lime, perhaps?

Memphis Barbecue U.S. Beef Rib Finger

sauces for the Memphis Barbecue U.S. Beef Rib Finger

We also had Asian Fried Rice. It comes in two types of servings, one is good for 2-3 persons (Php120.00) while the more expensive variety is good for 4 to 6 (Php230.00). Since it’s only my husband and I that are dining, we opted for the smaller portion.

The verdict: I loved it. It was seasoned just right. It’s not too oily but not too dry either. The portion is indeed good for 2 to 3 people.

Asian Fried Rice

For dessert we had the Cheffy Cheesecake, a decadent cheescake encrusted in chocolate. It’s so rich one slice is good for sharing with another person.

Cheffy Cheesecake: sublime

I forgot our camera so I had to use my mobile phone with just 2MP. In any case, the whole experience was superb. We planned to return and try out their yummy-looking brick oven pizzas.

My plate


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They say women marry men who look like their dad. Or at least, similar in attitude and values. My father is a (retired) professional banker who's very family-oriented. So is my husband.

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