After being subjected to stress for weeks, negotiating and haggling with suppliers, I finally witnessed the realization of my efforts (with the financial support of my dear husband) when our baby girl celebrated her first birthday bash last Saturday. 

Happy Birthday!

As with our son’s first birthday shindig, we rented the same clubhouse for the event. The caterer we hired for the previous affair, Martha’s Plate, also did a redux. I’m very happy with this supplier. Not only is their cuisine masarap but they give good service too. Their waiters are very courteous, helpful and trustworthy. If there are excesses, they will tell you and pack all of it  for the client. Unlike other caterers where some of the hired waiters hide the excess food for their personal consumption, Martha’s Plates’s food attendants are very honest. 

Martha's Plate for catering

The Venue. Fifteen minutes till party time.

For the kids, there were waffle and pearl shake carts. With H’s party, we ordered Jollibee meals along with mini-burger and ice cream carts but we noticed that there were so much leftovers! As I don’t want to be eating so many party dregs again, I waived the Jollibee meals this time and just settled on the carts.   Tamang-tama lang.  

Waffle and Pearl Shake carts from Mr. Sun's Kiddie Party

Waffle Dog
Pearl Shakes

Face Painting

For both parties, I did away with clowns and magicians because I personally don’t enjoy them. I did engage though the services of a face painter who was a hit with both children and adults. For documentation, I also hired a videographer, photo booth and the photography services of Lux Studios. 

You might be asking why do I subject myself to pressure when I can just tap the services of fast food chains to run the whole affair while I sit back and relax? Well, my husband and I both agree that the kids deserve something more special on their first birthdays and we think the convenience of fast food parties takes away the “specialness” of an event  that should be a result of combination of hard-work, resourcefulness, creativity and masochistic tendencies. Para saan pa ang pagiging event organizer ni Mommy if I won’t exert any effort on my own children’s parties? 

Mam Bini’s apo at the right, Nig at the left.

Anyhoo, after seeing the kiddie party-goers satisfied with their prizes and loots, I’d say the party was a success! 

So Happy Birthday Pots! I know you won’t remember any of this when you grow up but at least your Mom and Dad did their duty to mark your first year in this world the memorable way. Panoorin mo na lang yung video when you’re old enough to switch on the DVD (kung DVD players pa rin uso by that time).

Cake photo reference:


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They say women marry men who look like their dad. Or at least, similar in attitude and values. My father is a (retired) professional banker who's very family-oriented. So is my husband.

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