I love eating eggs. But I liked them fried, with the yolk well-done. But lately I’m taking a liking to poached eggs. One because the hubby and I started watching our cholesterol consumption. Two because I learned how to make a good, if not perfect, poached egg from no less than a celebrity chef.

A couple of months ago, I covered this chef’s cooking demo in Makati. One of her featured recipes is poached egg with mushrooms. While demonstrating the recipe step by step,  she shared some tips on how to poach an egg without it ending up a gooey mess in the pan.

First half-fill a pot or, in my case, I use a pan with water. Let it boil. Splash some vinegar on it. The acid will help coagulate the egg white. If you find white vinegar too strong, use red wine vinegar instead. That’s what I use.

Next bring the water to a simmer by lowering the fire a bit. Then crack the egg. If your fingers can’t stand the heat of the steam, crack it gently in a bowl then let in slide from the bowl to the pan or pot. The egg should firm up to a nice shape. If not, your fire may be to high. It is advisable to cook only one egg at a time.

It will take about 3 to 5 minutes to poach the egg. Check if the yolk is thick or firm enough and the white nicely set. Again, as with fried eggs, I like my yolk well-done or not so runny. Scoop the egg carefully from the pan with a slotted spatula. Drain. Sprinkle some table salt and ground white pepper for taste.

I love to pair poached eggs with meat loaf, tuyo or hotdogs. Yum!

Two styles of poached eggs for him and her.


About Ira Martin

They say women marry men who look like their dad. Or at least, similar in attitude and values. My father is a (retired) professional banker who's very family-oriented. So is my husband.

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