Chef Chen’s Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork

We’ve been meaning to try out Komrad – Mao’s Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen for sometime now. The opportunity presented itself when husband and I were contemplating where to celebrate Mother’s Day a week before May 13. I called to make reservations but as it turned out, there’s no need for it when it is just two people who’ll be dining.

I specifically instructed requested (tee-hee) mi esposo not to include the children on this lunch date. Hey, this is my day. I wanted to relax and not spend the day yelling at our precocious son or racking my brains on what resto food is okay for our 1 year old daughter. After all, one cannot call it a date when there are kids and their nannies seated between the two of you. I just asked my folks and sisters to bring them to another mall instead. Thank God for parents!

Komrad – Mao’s Hunan and Sichuan Kitchen. 2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda

(retrieved from:

Komrad is a modification of the word Comrade which means “friend” or “ally”. It is popular among left-wing organizations such as communist China. Mao Zedung and other members of the Communist Party of China would take it as a sign of disrespect if you failed to address them as Comrade or Tong Zhi. 

The food we ordered were okay but not spectacular. Personally I thought the servings were small considering the price. Nonetheless, they’re quite filling unless you have a huge appetite. But it’s definitely not big enough for sharing.

Yang Chow

I was expecting a slow service because it was Mother’s Day but surprisingly the food came out just in time. Maybe because we opted to order some of their house specialties. I have read somewhere that when you are too hungry to wait, do not get the least ordered food; order their “most recommended” instead.

One thing I noticed though is that the crew seem to have no clear seating plan because we have been served by different attendants throughout the meal. It is unlike in other restaurants where there is a specific food service crew assigned to (a) particular table/s.  When we asked for our bill, one of the crew wasn’t sure if he was giving us the correct billing and had to ask me to look over the slip if those were our orders. He got the first one wrong but was correct on the second attempt. This could pose a problem for the restaurant if a dishonest customer decided to fib by owning up to a bill that is priced cheaper than what he actually ordered. 

Kung Pao shrimp balls

In any case, the whole dining experience was okay but honestly, we’re not too eager to go back.

Komrad is part of the Red Crab group and I must say, I’m more partial to its Red Crab and Crustasia restaurants.  


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