Husband and I both love Japanese food so for Father’s Day (June 17, like 4 months ago), we decided to sneak away from the kids (more like dumped them at my Mom’s) so I can treat the Mister at Yakimix.

When we arrived at a nearby mall, we were aghast to find the restaurant like a marketplace. There were so many people, couples, and families in the waiting list. At the rate it’s going, we would be able to eat lunch at around 9 PM pa. That won’t do for my perennially hungry husband whose sight dims (nagdidilim ang paningin) figuratively when he can’t eat on time.

So off we went to the Podium to see if the Yakimix branch there can squeeze us in. It was nearly 2:00 PM. There’s still a waiting line but we waited for only a few minutes.

Although it was way past lunch time, I did not have the appetite to gorge myself. I only opted for a few types of maki and sushi. I concentrated on my most favorite of all, salmon sashimi. Yum!


About Ira Martin

They say women marry men who look like their dad. Or at least, similar in attitude and values. My father is a (retired) professional banker who's very family-oriented. So is my husband.

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