TrueBlood in DVD

I don’t know which came first – my love for TrueBlood or the Sookie Stackhouse novels. It has become a chicken and egg syndrome since it has eluded me whether I discovered the series or the book first. All I can remember is that both happened way back in 2009. 

Even if my husband doesn’t fancy either genre, he managed to surprise me (It was a sweet surprise for there was no occasion!) sometime in 2010 with Seasons 1 and 2 in DVD. But with my pregnancy (I slept all the time), MA classes,  writing deadlines and all, I was only able to watch two episodes.

A year after moving in to our new home, I rediscovered the DVDs. So I decided to catch up on missed eps  during spare time. I must say the people at HBO Asia (or MTRCB) have been very enthusiastic with their pair of scissors; you’ll notice it once you’ve viewed the  DVD version. 

I’m tempted to sweet-talk my hubby into buying me the latest seasons but I’ll just do that after I finish the first two seasons first.

One thing though. The problem with being familiar with the book version is that you can see the glaring differences between the source and the TV version. Top of mind deviations are:

(1) The minute role of Portia Bellefleur, Andy’s lawyer sister, in the HBO series. She has a much bigger presence in the book.

(2) Lafayette was killed in book 2 of the Snookie Stackhouse novels (he was found naked and dead in Andy Bellefleur’s car trunk) but has become an enduring (and major) character in the TV series. Based on the book’s description, I imagined him to be more…gay. That is, a cross-dresser bordering on being a tranny. In the TV version, he’s more of a butch. 

(3) Speaking of Andy Bellefleur, I also didn’t  imagine him to be so…bald. I thought of him to be younger-looking, like somewhere near Sam’s age.

In the book, Andy is a recovering alcoholic.

(4) Jessica did not appear in the book but Tara did. Only, she’s white, not African-American. In the book Tara is not as headstrong and feisty. She also has a minor role.  

If you love reading novels and watching TrueBlood, I recommend you also read the Southern Vampire Mysteries or Snookie Stackhouse novels of Charlaine Harris. It’s likewise addicting! Harris has perfectly melded drollery with sex. It’s so compellingly sensual you can almost bang the book. Compared to Southern Vampire Mysteries, the Twilight series is a grade-school literary piece. (no offense to Twihards.)

Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine HarriesRetrieved from: 

Pancakes for breakfast

My family loves it when I make fluffy pancakes! Weekends are fun when there are pancakes with maple syrup and golden butter for breakfast.

How to cook a (almost) perfect poached egg

I love eating eggs. But I liked them fried, with the yolk well-done. But lately I’m taking a liking to poached eggs. One because the hubby and I started watching our cholesterol consumption. Two because I learned how to make a good, if not perfect, poached egg from no less than a celebrity chef.

A couple of months ago, I covered this chef’s cooking demo in Makati. One of her featured recipes is poached egg with mushrooms. While demonstrating the recipe step by step,  she shared some tips on how to poach an egg without it ending up a gooey mess in the pan.

First half-fill a pot or, in my case, I use a pan with water. Let it boil. Splash some vinegar on it. The acid will help coagulate the egg white. If you find white vinegar too strong, use red wine vinegar instead. That’s what I use.

Next bring the water to a simmer by lowering the fire a bit. Then crack the egg. If your fingers can’t stand the heat of the steam, crack it gently in a bowl then let in slide from the bowl to the pan or pot. The egg should firm up to a nice shape. If not, your fire may be to high. It is advisable to cook only one egg at a time.

It will take about 3 to 5 minutes to poach the egg. Check if the yolk is thick or firm enough and the white nicely set. Again, as with fried eggs, I like my yolk well-done or not so runny. Scoop the egg carefully from the pan with a slotted spatula. Drain. Sprinkle some table salt and ground white pepper for taste.

I love to pair poached eggs with meat loaf, tuyo or hotdogs. Yum!

Two styles of poached eggs for him and her.

Yummy superheroes

We usually watch blockbuster films on its second week of showing to avoid large movie crowds. No I’m not suffering from ochlophobia but I really hate crowded cinemas. I tend to catch colds or cough from it. 

But my husband was excited to catch the Avengers, mostly due to rave reviews from friends and Facebook mates who have already seen it. I’m also eager to watch it myself because I used to be a comic book reader. I used to read DC and Marvel comics so I’m familiar with many comic characters. The advantage of this is I can easily recognize the characters in the film. But the drawback is I tend to compare (and lament) if the flick version deviated from the comic version under cinematic license.

Like the Catwoman film starred by Halle Berry. I have nothing against Blacks but the original Selena Kyle is white and it should have stayed that way. Also, Selena was a prostitute who trained in martial arts to become a skilled cat burglar. She wasn’t an underdog employee who was betrayed and thrown out of the office window to fall into a pack of cats as told in the Batman movie with Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman. 

The Avengers did not disappoint. I especially like the symbolic scene where Captain America saved a crowd of Germans from Loki’s onslaught. 

“You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing.” – Steve Rogers aka Captain America

(Retrieved from:

When Captain America first went to Germany, it was to save the world from the tyranny of a megalomaniac – Hitler, not Hydra. While it was Hydra who happened to be his real archenemy, it was Hitler who started the second World War. I don’t think he was referring to Hydra as the man standing above everybody else.

Another classic moment was when Loki arrogantly ordered Hulk to stop bullying him because he is God…

“I am a God! I am not going to be bullied by a…” – Loki

(Retrieved from:

…but the green monster ignored him and continued to pummel him like a house vermin. 

Puny God.” – Hulk

(Retrieved from:

So what made The Avengers a remarkable film? Well I personally think the casting was great. Save for Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (sorry Mr. Ruffalo, the role still belongs to Eric Bana), everyone else fits their roles to a T. Robert Downey Jr. is the perfect Tony Stark. Hunky Chris Hemsworth gave justice to Thor and Chris Evans, although first known as Torch in The Fantastic Four, wasn’t bad as Captain America.

When they were auditioning for Captain America, I was really hoping John Krasinski would bag the role. I thought that Chris Evans would be typecasted as Torch but I was wrong. (By the way, The Fantastic Four can’t make a cameo on The Avengers because the actor playing Torch and Captain America is the same. Unless they get another one as Torch, that is. But it wouldn’t be the same, would it?) 

Also the lines were funny. Bordering on cheesy and campy, yes. But still funny. Especially Tony Stark’s dry wit. 

But the real attraction actually, is the yumminess of the heroes. I’m sure most girls would agree with me.

Dig those muscles and abs. Kulang na lang ay kanin!

ASkars in uniform

USS Sampson Commanding Officer Stone Hopper

I think I have this thing for men in uniform. Especially if those men include ASkars. Yesterday my husband and I caught Battleship on film. We haven’t been to the cinema for months and my husband particularly insisted that we watch a movie “para ma-solo naman niya ako.” Awww, how romantic. But I digress.

ASkars was really dapper in uniform. So yummy. So papa-ble. But I got annoyed when he was killed off mid-film by some shitty aliens who might have been vampires because they can’t tolerate sunlight.  ASkars and vampire aliens. Kailangang lagyan ng connect?

I won't mind "obeying" before complaining with naval officer Hopper.

Sooooookehhhh Iz With Child

Sooooookehhhh Iz With Child.


Soooooookehhhh just got knocked up by Beeeehl! In real life, that is. They’re husband and wife you know.

Sooooookeh and Beeeeehl



Thank you Lord

Yes, thank you Lord because I have work. No, I’m not convincing myself because I’m up to my neck with load or with overlapping deadlines and all. I’m really thankful for all the projects that come my way.

ASkars And Charlize Theron Found Love In A Gay Bar

NO, NO a thousand NO. Alexander Skarsgard is MINE and MINE alone. I’m not beyond strangling to death anyone who calls dibs on my personal property.

ASkars And Charlize Theron Found Love In A Gay Bar




ASkars And Charlize Theron Found Love In A Gay Bar.

Salt and pepper spare ribs for dinner

(Will post the recipe here)


My salt and pepper ribs after they were ravaged by the hubby

Happy Birthday Pots!

After being subjected to stress for weeks, negotiating and haggling with suppliers, I finally witnessed the realization of my efforts (with the financial support of my dear husband) when our baby girl celebrated her first birthday bash last Saturday. 

Happy Birthday!

As with our son’s first birthday shindig, we rented the same clubhouse for the event. The caterer we hired for the previous affair, Martha’s Plate, also did a redux. I’m very happy with this supplier. Not only is their cuisine masarap but they give good service too. Their waiters are very courteous, helpful and trustworthy. If there are excesses, they will tell you and pack all of it  for the client. Unlike other caterers where some of the hired waiters hide the excess food for their personal consumption, Martha’s Plates’s food attendants are very honest. 

Martha's Plate for catering

The Venue. Fifteen minutes till party time.

For the kids, there were waffle and pearl shake carts. With H’s party, we ordered Jollibee meals along with mini-burger and ice cream carts but we noticed that there were so much leftovers! As I don’t want to be eating so many party dregs again, I waived the Jollibee meals this time and just settled on the carts.   Tamang-tama lang.  

Waffle and Pearl Shake carts from Mr. Sun's Kiddie Party

Waffle Dog
Pearl Shakes

Face Painting

For both parties, I did away with clowns and magicians because I personally don’t enjoy them. I did engage though the services of a face painter who was a hit with both children and adults. For documentation, I also hired a videographer, photo booth and the photography services of Lux Studios. 

You might be asking why do I subject myself to pressure when I can just tap the services of fast food chains to run the whole affair while I sit back and relax? Well, my husband and I both agree that the kids deserve something more special on their first birthdays and we think the convenience of fast food parties takes away the “specialness” of an event  that should be a result of combination of hard-work, resourcefulness, creativity and masochistic tendencies. Para saan pa ang pagiging event organizer ni Mommy if I won’t exert any effort on my own children’s parties? 

Mam Bini’s apo at the right, Nig at the left.

Anyhoo, after seeing the kiddie party-goers satisfied with their prizes and loots, I’d say the party was a success! 

So Happy Birthday Pots! I know you won’t remember any of this when you grow up but at least your Mom and Dad did their duty to mark your first year in this world the memorable way. Panoorin mo na lang yung video when you’re old enough to switch on the DVD (kung DVD players pa rin uso by that time).

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